Former Sensible Software man Jon Hare is hoping to recapture some of the Sensi magic with the upcoming release of Sociable Soccer. That’ll be a tall order, since Sensible Soccer is pretty much the greatest arcade football game of all time, but it’s certainly worth a try.

    Sociable will launch first on Steam’s Early Access system on 12 October. It’ll have a “single player campaign mode, classic local multiplayer and online multiplayer” right from the start, with a FIFA Ultimate Team-ish-sounding collectible card mode planned for a later date. “Steam Early Access will help us to tweak gameplay, introduce more game modes and respond to fan feedback,” says Hare.

    Main development is being handled by Finnish studio Combo Breaker, so hopefully they all grew up playing Sensi. Here’s a new trailer. It’s good to see the tradition of using slightly altered names for famous players is alive and well.

    Peter Parrish

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