There’s going to be three different server types but what would you play on and how much would you pay?

H1Z1 Early access kicks off on 15 January and there’s going to be three types of server available according to SOE’s John Smedley. The rulesets that have been locked down include no zombies, zombies headshot (one kill zombies with a headshot), and PvE.

Everyone who buys into Early Access will be able to choose from any of the three options but they have not yet decided how many servers of each type will be opened up, but Smedley says that will be decided before launch.

As well as the above server rulesets, there will be what they call Event Servers which will have different rules such as Battle Royale and access to these will be through a “ticket” system. Tickets can be purchased for as low as $0.99 according to Smedley but you can gain tickets by simply playing the game.

Previously we only knew about a $19.99 price but we now know there will also be a $39.99 option. Anyone who buys in at the $39.99 price point will be offered these Event Server tickets as part of this more expensive purchasing option.

More Event Servers will be added over time and SOE plan on rewarding players with prizes which Smedley says will be “similar to what Hearthstone does with The Arena.”

The game was revealed in April, and although SOE stated that Early Access would launch back in May, we can only hope that this extra time means that the Early Access version will be reasonably polished.

To show how organised the planning is for the Early Access release, Smedley shared this rather chaotic looking whiteboard pic.


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