From Software, probably best-known now for being the developers of Dark Souls, have three internal game projects underway, according to a new interview with Japanese publication 4gamer. Thanks to the Japanese-language specialists at NeoGaf, details from that interview can be (largely) confirmed.

It’s From Software President Hidetaka Miyazaki who’s giving the interview, and he elaborates a little on what the company is presently working on. Based on the translation work, it seems the first project is a fantasy action RPG, akin to the Souls series, but approaching from a different angle. Prior interviews have suggested that Dark Souls itself is getting a bit of a rest (or may be concluded entirely) after the DLC for Dark Souls 3 is released.

A second project is either a reboot, or a new game which draws on ideas from an existing series in the From Software stable. Later in the interview, Miyazaki makes some positive comments about the desire in the studio for a new Armoured Core title; so it might be that. Whether that would come to the PC or not, however, is another matter.

Finally, the third project is something new, and said to be different from what the studio has previously produced. It’s also supposedly a bit weird. This may well be the title noticed earlier this year in a From Software recruitment video, listed as a 2017 release for PC, PS4, Xbox One and PlayStation VR.


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