Solar Ash New Gameplay Trailer Summer Game Fest 2021

Earlier this year, we got a quick look at the promising Solar Ash by the Hyper Light Drifter developer Heart Machine. It was mostly a walkthrough, featuring the developer going over the world and systems the game will have. Today at Summer Game Fest 2021, we finally got a new gameplay trailer for Solar Ash. Skating, hacking, slashing, and a giant dragon boss await.

The majority of the new Solar Ash gameplay trailer revolves around a massive boss battle. It’s a clear change from the walkthrough earlier in the year, which mostly showed off platforming and navigation. Today, it’s all about beating the crap out of a dragon-like beast that made the grave mistake of entering your airspace.


With the dragon in the air, you’ll have to use platforming maneuvers to get up to it. As the monster attacks, we see the main character, Rei, dodge an attack and jump onto a grind rail leading up toward a platform up above. It certainly gives off some Jet Set Radio vibes, for sure. Climbing up to the top, Rei smacks… something. Does this attract the dragon? Piss it off? Whatever it does, it works, and soon the beast gets close enough for Rei to grapple aboard. What follows looks like Shadow of the Colossus, in a way, where weak points on the dragon’s back must be attacked, leading up to a damaging blow to the back of its head.

Grind on down to some Solar Ash gameplay

Indeed, the trailer was short and sweet, but gives us a good idea on boss fights in Solar Ash. It’s hard to say if every major fight in the game will include massive creatures to slay, however. Regardless, the game is looking like a winner so far. And since this is coming from the team that made the magnificent Hyper Light Drifter, we have some high hopes.

Solar Ash will release on PC via the Epic Games Store later this year.

Cameron Woolsey
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