Solarix sadly fails its Kickstarter goal


Despite a valiant last ditch effort to raise the remaining funds, the Solarix Kickstarter fell short.

Solarix is the survival sci-fi stealth survival horror title and the developers Pulsetense were looking for £10K to finish the game. A final push by one of the developers in the past 24 hours added an additional £1000 to the pot by the end of the campaign. Only £4,471 was funded when the Kickstarter closed out. A real shame.

It’s a little unusual for a project such as this with a modest goal not to make it, there was actually something decent to show. This won’t be the last we hear of Solarix, I’m confident Pulsetense will find the remaining funds to get the game finished.

Despite Solarix having a publisher, KISS Ltd, developer Pulsetense appear to have been left to promote the game themselves and the publisher looks to have done little to help with the promotion of the funding campaign.

Developer Mark Gregory hit the Kickstarter comments page to offer thanks.

Hi Guys, I am one of the developers on the game. Many thanks for all the support and positive messages on here. Fear not, we will find a way to release the game in a polished fashion it may just take longer without the KS funds should we fail. The reason for the KS was to put the money towards polishing the game, voice actors need paying, new animations and sound design also.

As I stated before, fear not we will find a way. Feel free to communicate with us via Twitter (@pulsetensegames) or on our Steam community page (just search Solarix in the store).

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As soon as we hear more about plans for the future of Solarix we’ll let you know.

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