Cyberpunk 2077 Inspired No Man's Sky Beyond Build Featured

With the impending release of No Man’s Sky Beyond on Wednesday, the multiplayer space-exploration title is once again enjoying its time in the spotlight. With a significantly-expanded multiplayer foundation and the ability to do cool things like ride alien animals, it’ll be interesting to see how players receive the revamped No Man’s Sky. For now, however, let us gaze in wonder at one of the most wonderfully intricate creations to come out of the game’s player community: a Cyberpunk 2077-inspired base built on the No Man’s Sky PS4 platform.

A combined effort by ERBurroughs, Action Pants Gaming, JC Hysteria, and Boid Gaming, “Replicant City” very well might be the magnum opus of the No Man’s Sky Next era, magnificently ringing in the arrival of the game’s most significant update to date, No Man’s Sky Beyond. The expansive full-city Cyberpunk-themed build drips with style and can be accessed by PS4 players in the Euclid galaxy. As if it isn’t cool enough to explore already, imagine witnessing the full glory of Replicant City through VR lenses.

According to the YouTube video commentary, 75% of the build was tooled by ERBurroughs with the framework, Action Pants took care of roughly 20% of the decorations, JC Hysteria handled about 10% of the build and edited the video, while Boid Gaming added a few finishing touches. The result is a mind-boggling feat of engineering that required careful planning of the construction area so as not to break the game, and we wholeheartedly appreciate the hard work.

No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games is framing the Beyond expansion as the game’s largest update to date, even topping the sweeping Next update, released last year. Despite a controversial launch (to say the least), there’s no denying Hello Games is putting in the legwork to redeem themselves and convince players that No Man’s Sky is worth revisiting. When the Beyond update drops this Wednesday, we’ll let you be the judge.

Are you excited for the No Man’s Sky Beyond update? Still skeptical? Let us know in the comments!

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