Sonic Frontiers Monster Hunter Dlc

It looks like the next Sonic game is going to have a bit more customization than most other titles in the franchise. As confirmed earlier today on Twitter, Sonic Frontiers will receive some cosmetics inspired by Monster Hunter. The tweet comes with some funny artwork of Sonic cooking food with a Felyne. The free Monster Hunter DLC will launch on November 14, six days after Sonic Frontiers‘ launch.

This isn’t the first tease of cosmetic DLC we’ve had for Sonic Frontiers. In fact, a leak pointed to some DLC coming to the game back in August. And subscribing to the official newsletter from the Sonic Frontiers website will earn players the classic shoes from Sonic Adventure 2. It’s unknown how much more cosmetic DLC is planned for the game, or how much is in the game already, but it’s nice to see Sonic with some new threads.


Dress Sonic up as a hunter

It’s perhaps a bit strange to think of Sonic the Hedgehog geared up in a full suit of Monster Hunter armor. It would probably slow him down at least a little bit, and it doesn’t really suit the character that much. But thanks to the official Japanese Sonic account, we’ve got some in-game screenshots of the new outfit. It looks like there are two variations. One has Sonic wearing just the helmet and chest piece, while the other dons him in the full suit of armor. If anything, it gives off pretty big Sonic and the Black Knight vibes.

Sonic games don’t usually have much in the way of customization. However, Sonic Forces introduced a full-blown character creator that let you make your Sonic fan characters a reality. This is a small step down in scope, but awesome to see. Hopefully, Sonic Frontiers has some more cosmetics to unlock as well as these Monster Hunter items. And we may even see more collaboration with other franchises too. But to be honest, it’s hard to imagine Sonic the Hedgehog dressing up as Kiryu anytime soon.

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