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Sons of the Forest: Guides and features hub

Call of the wild.

There’s a vast wilderness that you have to explore in Sons of the Forest. Not only will you need to worry about bloodthirsty cannibals hunting in packs, but Mother Nature herself is also out to get you. From the freezing cold to a lack of food, you’ll need to do everything you can to stay alive. Here’s our Sons of the Forest guides and features hub to help you with various survival mechanics such as crafting, building, and combat.

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Note: We’ll add more articles to our Sons of the Forest guides hub soon, so stay tuned. Likewise, please be reminded that several mechanics and tips are based on the game’s early access stage.

Sons of the Forest guides and features hub

Features and FAQs

The basics

Weapons, armors/outfits, and craftable stuff

  • Torch – The trusty ol’ torch is necessary if you want to roam around at night.
  • Crafted Spear – You start out with an axe and a dagger, so why not get a weapon that’s suitable for thrusting and stabbing?
  • Crafted Bow – This will likely be your first ranged weapon in Sons of the Forest.
  • Molotov Cocktail – Don’t let all that alcohol go to waste. Turn them into flammable projectiles that can incinerate your foes.
  • Slingshot – Why not pelt small critters and birds with pebbles?
  • Leaf Jacket – Hey, you don’t wanna let those leaves go to waste.
  • Track Suit – Go to the gym.
  • Winter Jacket – Stay warm even during snowstorms.
  • Stun Baton – Incapacitate foes that get too close for comfort.
  • Stun Gun – Incapacitate hostiles from a short distance.
  • Aloe Vera – This plant with medicinal properties can be hard to find.
  • Printer Resin – Find some resin so you can craft stuff using the 3D Printer.
  • Red Mask – Planning to trick some baddies?
  • Water Flask – Collect water so you no longer end up thirsty.
  • Sled – Happily go downhill or downriver.
  • Pistol – Pew-pew with parabellum.
  • Shotgun – Go bang bang with the boomstick.
  • Pistol and Shotgun attachments – These mods can be used on both the Pistol and Shotgun:
  • Revolver – Feelin’ lucky, punk?
  • Compound Bow – Pierce the hearts of your opponents.
  • Guitar – Choke on that, Slappy!
  • Chainsaw – Rev it up and chop your foes into mincemeat.
  • Katana/Gold Mask/Golden Armor – This facility in the opposite side of the island has several cool rewards, including a powerful blade.
  • Best weapons – Take a look at some ideal picks when it comes to weapons.

Progression: Important tools and items


Sons of the Forest is available via Steam.

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