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In Endnight Games’ Sons of The Forest, you will quickly realize that as the days pass, the land around you begins to change. The leaves start to change color, fall from the trees, and snow will cover your entire camp. But if you’re not prepared, the harsh winter can chill you to the bone faster than the cannibals can kill you. Can you not only survive the night, but survive through all four seasons? This guide will explain how the seasons work in Sons of The Forest, so you can survive till the next time summer rolls around.

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How do the seasons work in Sons of The Forest?

While the time of day passes pretty slowly, the seasons will come by faster than you realize. Each season lasts a few days, while summer and winter last the longest. Many things change depending on the season. On a new game, unless you customize it, you will start in summer. Once fall hits, you’ll notice the leaves changing colors in the forests as they fall off the trees. In winter, the ground will be covered in snow, and surviving gets a little tougher. In our experience, the snow made landfall on day 10.

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Since the rivers freeze over, you can no longer fish for salmon. It will also be harder for you to stay warm, so we recommend that before winter comes, you find the Winter Jacket. Wearing this in the winter keeps you resistant to the cold, which will in turn help keep your stamina meter up. Without the jacket, your stamina is limited.

You’re not the only one struggling in the winter. Other cannibals on the island will be on the hunt for scarce food, becoming more aggressive. Not only that, but daylight lasts longer in the summer, while getting shorter in the winter. Farming is also harder, so focus on storing meats during the winter and growing food in the other seasons. Snowberries are the only berries available during winter, so you’ll be relying on hunting animals — or cannibals — for nourishment.

If you’re worried about getting water in the winter, there will still be some bodies of water left unfrozen. It’s also recommended that you 3D print a flask before winter to keep water on you at all times. Hopefully, this explained how seasons work in Sons of The Forest well enough so you can face all four seasons smoothly.

Sons of the Forest is available via Steam.

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