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Sons of the Forest has numerous enemies that will pester and hunt your character to no end. Some can be avoided as you’re running around in the woods, while others have to be taken out in case they surround you in caverns. Still, there are few as dangerous as a great predator in open water. Here’s our guide to help you kill sharks in Sons of the Forest.

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How to kill sharks in Sons of the Forest

Truth be told, you probably won’t need to kill sharks in Sons of the Forest, at least not that often compared to most cannibal or mutant enemies. In all likelihood, you’ll only stumble upon these deadly predators a couple of times:

  • One instance is when you enter a cavern and head to its depths to get the Rebreather (as seen in the featured image). You can gingerly make your way across while walking on solid ground, pick up the Rebreather, then wait for the shark to pass as you dive and swim to the tunnel exit. You may also attempt to stab it with the Crafted Spear, but it felt a bit clunky, so I just ended up avoiding the creature when I dove in.
  • The other is in the open sea with nowhere to hide. This is when you attempt to obtain the Pistol, which is denoted by the only purple marker/icon in the middle of the water (the other two markers are on the island). You’re going to have to shake that feeling of dread as you swim closer to the boat, all while the hungry creature is circle around the area.
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Now, if you do want to kill sharks in Sons of the Forest, you’re going to need a firearm. The aforementioned Pistol will do just fine. Once you have it, wait for the shark to swim around the boat and fire a few well-placed shots. Once it’s dead, you can safely swim back to shore. There are also other weapons, like the Shotgun, which is probably unnecessary. By the time you acquire it, it’s unlikely that you’ll come across another shark that wants to turn your character into meaty chow.

Sons of the Forest is available via Steam.

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