Sons of the Forest multiplayer trailer showcases co-op survival

Sons Of The Forest Multiplayer Trailer Showcases Co Op Survival

Endnight Games is back with another survival horror game, a sequel to the beloved The Forest. The new trailer for Sons of the Forest, showcases exclusive multiplayer gameplay footage of co-op survival. Set to release on February 23, Sons of the Forest will feature co-op and single-player gameplay on a remote island. The only catch is that you’re not alone, as cannibals inhabit the forests around you.

On February 20, a new trailer released showcasing how co-op survival will work in this upcoming game. The multiplayer trailer reveals beautiful environments and realistic survival mechanics. You and a friend or two can play in the same world together, chopping trees for wood and crafting shelters to hide from the monsters.

Sons of the Forest features AI companion in multiplayer trailer

If you’re playing alone, or you and your friend want company, Sons of the Forest introduces AI companions. These are NPCs you can ask to complete tasks for you. The trailer showcases the player asking the NPC named Calvin to complete something, writing it on paper due to Calvin’s head trauma which left him mute.

The multiplayer trailer also showcases gritty combat, as the players attempt to defend their base from cannibals. It also reveals how the seasons can change throughout your game, as gameplay in the winter snow is shown off. Obtaining resources in the winter is tougher, and in the spring and summer you can catch salmon in the rivers. There are also some nasty looking creatures in the trailer that are much larger and more frightening than the cannibals.

Sons Of The Forest Multiplayer Trailer Showcases Co Op Survival Ai Companion


The co-op survival experience surely looks intriguing enough too keep you and your friends engaged. Just keep in mind that Sons of the Forest is releasing on Steam on February 23, but it will be in Early Access. Endnight Games had this to say on the Steam page when explaining why it changed the game to Early Access:

“We set out to make the ultimate survival horror simulator, and feel it is now at a stage where it needs player feedback and involvement to help push this even further.”

Endnight continues to say Early Access should only last around six to eight months. This multiplayer trailer is also the final trailer before Sons of the Forest launches. Hopefully, you and your friends are prepared to enter this terrifying world of co-op cannibal survival.

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