Sons Of The Forest Red Mask
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Sons of the Forest has several tools that can keep you alive as you explore a mysterious island. One of these happens to be the Red Mask, which is akin to Red Paint in the first game. By that, it should provide a method to make hostiles less likely to attack you. Here’s our guide to help you get the Red Mask in Sons of the Forest.

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How to get the Red Mask in Sons of the Forest

The Sons of the Forest Red Mask is fairly easy to obtain. All you need is to find a 3D Printer and acquire some extra Printer Resin. It’s fairly easy to find resin on the island, as these can be inside containers or on shelves. As for 3D Printers, there are a select few areas where they’re located. One of the most common places you’d visit is a green marker situated close to the shore. Let’s say you’re looking at your GPS Tracker map. If you draw a straight line from the center of the mountain range going to the shore, you’ll notice the green marker that we’re referring to (as seen in the image below).

Sons Of The Forest Red Mask 1

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Make your way there and enter the tunnel. Go through the dark corridor until you see the 3D Printer. Here, you can press “R” to change among different craftable items, and hold “E” to make the stuff that you want. The Sons of the Forest Red Mask requires 150 ml of resin, which is easy to come by. Once you have it, simply equip it from your inventory and left-click to place it on your character’s face. As mentioned earlier, it has a chance of preventing cannibals from attacking you. However, this doesn’t always work. Some may just hesitate, while other opponents will still attack.

Do note that there are other facilities with 3D Printers. However, these require items like the Maintenance Keycard and VIP Keycard before they can be accessed. Lastly, the devices can be used to craft other stuff, such as the Water Flask and Sled.

Sons of the Forest is available via Steam.

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