Sons Of The Forest Steam Page

Sons of the Forest Steam page is live, and features some additional details

Demon season.
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Sons of the Forest, the follow up to The Forest, is still on the way. Endnight Games’ next survival horror is arriving during the appropriate, spooky month of October. Details have been somewhat scarce, with the game getting a five-month delay and a promise of more news. Now, however, we got some extra details straight from the Sons of the Forest Steam page, which went live.

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In case you were worried, no, there isn’t a different release window. The Steam page still marks it as releasing in October this year, but there’s nothing else regarding which day. What we do have, though, is a bit more on the plot of the game, as well as what you should expect on your next terrifying outing.


The early trailers for the game set up the story. You’re sent via helicopter to locate a missing billionaire on some island. But, as it happens with helicopters in video games, you crash, and now have to fend off cannibals, using nothing but your wits and crafting skills. The Steam page, however, also mentions a scarier threat: demons. We likely got a glimpse of such creatures in prior trailers, such as the lady who couldn’t decide on how many legs she needed.

Sons Of The Forest Steam Page 2

Is… is he wearing intestines as a belt?

The changing year

The Sons of the Forest Steam page also details the world. While on the island, seasons will change, and it’s more than an aesthetic effect. During the spring and summer, you’ll be able to gather salmon from the churning streams. When it comes to food, it’s suggested that you stock up. The freezing winter season may not yield much to dine on. There are also other dangers.

“You’re not alone on this island,” reads the Steam page, “so as winter rolls in and food and resources become scarce you won’t be the only one looking for a meal.”

Sons of the Forest, for the most part, still looks to follow the same path as its predecessor. The game sets you on an island rich with materials for crafting, and animals to hunt for food. You can play alone or with friends in co-op, which is something I’d suggest as a player of the first game. It’s far easier to defend from cannibal waves when you have someone watching your back.

Endnight Games will no doubt reveal more on the game as the months go by.

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