Playstation 4’s good performance is not enough to turn Sony around. The company is forecasting a $ 1.1 billion loss for the financial year, and will cut 5,000 more jobs. They are also taking radical steps towards its PC and TV businesses.

To be specific, they have confirmed and finalized their sale of the Vaio PC business to Japan Industrial Partners, into a new company where Sony will have a 5 % stake. 250 to 300 Vaio employees will move to the new company, while Sony will try to integrate the rest to other divisions. They will spinoff the TV business, which includes the Trinitron brand, as well as the fledgling 4K business, into a fully-owned subsidiary.

Hirai’s dilemma, say analysts, is that his changes come too little too late, in spite of the progress he has achieved. Hirai failed to turn around the TV business this year as promised, and investors are losing patience in him.

Sony Q3 Raised by PS4, But Other Playstation Consoles Drop

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