Alongside the PlayStation Network, which has been returning over the weekend, Sony Online Entertainment’s MMOs have also been getting back online.
SoE want to say sorry for playing fast and loose with your data (you probably want to change your passwords for these games before doing anything else), as well as for the inconvenience of having your games offline since 3 May. As a result, pretty much every SoE title has some kind of ‘welcome back’ gift basket for you. Except instead of cheeses and pate, it has virtual currency and free time in it.
‘Station Account holders’ will each receive 45 free days of game time (which will apply to any active games in your account). Those players on an active billing plan will have this time added to the end of their current billing cycle. For everyone else, it’ll begin when they next log into a relevant game. SoE state that this free time will expire at midnight on 31 August 2011, so you’ll be wanting to make use of it fairly soon.

Lifetime subscribers to various games will also be catered for with free currency in the following ways:

Clone Wars Adventures – 7,500 Galactic Credits
Free Realms – 20,000 Coin
DC Universe Online – 10 Marks of Distinction

And on top of all that, there’s a big old list of the extra ‘welcome back’ gifts being handed out by each specific game to be read here.
Almost makes you wish Sony got lax on their security and leaked a bunch of personal data every month, doesn’t it?
No? Oh … yeah, fair point.
Image taken from DC Universe Online.

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