Sony Q3 Raised by PS4, But Other Playstation Consoles Drop

Sony reports a profitable 3rd quarter for this financial year, sales and operating revenue at $ 23 billion.

Their gaming division is also on the upswing thanks to the Playstation 4 and its launch, making Sony $ 4.2 billion. This is a 64.6 % increase over the last quarter, which was adversely affected by R&D costs prior to launch.

However, PS4’s success has arrived at the cost of other Playstation consoles. Sony notes that the PS3 suffered a significant decrease in sales.

PS4 and PS3 combined amounts to 7.8 million units sold, up from 6.8 million units the same time last year. PS4 accounts for 4.2 million of that total, so yes, the drop is significant. PSP sales, combining the original PSP and the Vita, account for 2 million units, down from 2.7 million units the same time last year.

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