Sony Online Entertainment has unveiled new screenshots and concept art for Nightwing, another superhero in its upcoming MMO, DC Universe.

Nightwing is, in fact, The Boy Wonder or Robin as he was more commonly known. Yes, Batman’s sidekick, aka Dick Grayson, grew up and parted ways with his former mentor to strike out on his own. He is now part of the Teen Titans and fights criminals of the night by combining his keen fighting skills with detective abilities.

Nightwing uses gas pellets, smoke capsules and an acetylene torch, and fights in a bullet-proof fire-resistant suit. It’s fitted with a single-shot taser, which goes nicely with his weapons of choice – a pair of shatterproof polymer Escrima sticks.

Players can fight alongside Nightwing or against him in the upcoming superhero MMO, which currently has no announced release date. Check out the new screenshots of Nightwing below.

Paul Younger
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