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In the last few years, the PC gaming market has seen a resurgence of players and enthusiasts. Whether that’s because of the hardware sector, with more GPU brands and iterations than you can shake a stick at, or the sheer amount of titles available, the market continues to flourish. That’s one reason Sony may be banking on the PC gaming market, literally. A new report suggests that the company will continue pushing its first-party titles out to mouse and keyboard gamers with the expectation of making upwards of $300 million from PC games.

If you were to ask someone a decade ago if Sony would bring its PlayStation titles to PC, they probably would have laughed in your face. However, the company has shown that it’s more than just engaged with PC gamers; it’s all in on them. The recent reports come from Sony’s quarterly financial briefings regarding its future in gaming.


In the lengthy report, Sony breaks down its plans to lean into PC gaming, setting its sights on growing from its 2021 revenue ($80 million) and hitting $300 million by the end of its 2022 fiscal year. That’s also up from the previous year (2020), with the company pulling in a mere $35 million, which looks like it can tie to Horizon: Zero Dawn owners alone. Sony also points out that the growth lies heavily beyond its previous “console-centric approach” and states that “large elements of our community extend beyond the console.”Sony Pc Rev Report

Breaking down the numbers

As of today, Sony has officially released God of War, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and Days Gone on PC. The financial report details that Horizon: Zero Dawn has brought in 2.3 million in unit sales with $60 million in revenue. God of War saw 971,000 in unit sales with $26.2 million in revenue. Lastly, Days Gone was the lowest, racking up 852,000 in sales and earning the company $22.7 million in revenue. Judging by those numbers, it doesn’t seem all that crazy that PC revenue could swing in Sony’s favor at the end of the year.

Sony Pc Revenue

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