Sony to Revamp Playstation Plus – Including Top Tier Games

Sony are preparing a revamp of their Playstation Plus feature on the Playstation Network, which is set to be revealed at E3 according to Eurogamer.

Many sources have hinted that part of Sony’s E3 conference that is scheduled for Monday the 4th of June, will be dedicated to explaining the revamp, which is of course looking to draw more customers to the service.

One method that Sony are planning to implement is to give away top tier games to subscribers for free! Anyone who joined PS Plus during the month following the PSN hack will have been offered this in the past, having received a free digital copy of Burnout: Paradise. Sony are also planning to implement PS Plus features into the PS Vita’s PSN, including Vita exclusive titles and DLC and cloud services, so you will no longer need to connect your Vita to your PS3 to transfer saves.

It is expected also that Sony will add more tiers to the subscription that will give you access to different amounts of content and different degrees of content value.


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