800px Sony Old Headquarters In Gotenyama, Oct 2005

Well, they’ve done it again. Sony has revealed that they expect an operating profit of ¥ 5 billion, or $48.9 million, from the recent sale of their old headquarters for the quarter starting April.

To be clear, this does not seem to change their outlook on the end of March. I assume that for business filing purposes, that transaction came a little too late. It doesn’t take care of everything that ails Sony, but at least Hirai is being prudent by trimming operations down.

To put this in context, last year’s sale of buildings came just in time to give them their first net profit in over a decade, of ¥ 43 billion yen, or $458 million.

Looking at this and the daily influx of news of people leaving Sony’s different game studios, and the company’s future – Project Morpheus aside – keeps getting put into question. Does Sony even have it in itself to really bankroll Morpheus? They already seem to have paid for their investment in 4K. We’ll find out in the coming months.


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