Sony Playstation 5 Dualsense Edge Wireless Controller Elite Paddle Price Specs

The PC gaming market has traditionally been relegated to mouse and keyboard or Xbox controllers as far as official developer support for input goes. That may begin to change, though. There’s an impressive new flagship PlayStation controller named the DualSense Edge coming to market. Judging by the features, it could give the Xbox Elite controller a serious run for the money.

Sony recently revealed the PlayStation DualSense Edge controller, complete with a feature overview in a post on the PlayStation.Blog. Frankly, it looks stunning, functional, and cutting-edge as far as controllers go.


Sony hasn’t revealed the full specs for the PlayStation DualSense Edge just yet. But we know it will be a wireless controller with customizable controls, an onboard UI with savable profiles, motion controls, haptic feedback, and paddle support for added in-game functionality. There will also be USB Type-C for charging and connectivity, and Bluetooth for improved polling rates over competing controllers.

Just like the Xbox Elite controllers, you’ll also be able to customize your trigger sensitivity, swap out different thumbsticks to suit your needs, and tune deadzones for better responsiveness. Adding to this, you’ll be able to fully replace the thumbstick modules after extensive wear to bring the controller back up to snuff.

Controller players need love too

It’s been many years since Microsoft debuted the Xbox Elite controller, and Sony’s response was long overdue. Hopefully this is a good first effort that brings more competition to the controller space, and subsequently, the PC input support ecosystem. More than a few developers skimp on PlayStation controller support for PC games. However, Sony’s commitment to porting first-party titles to PC should also help to pave the way to better support. Adding a tempting flagship controller to the mix certainly helps.

Another interesting thing we noted about the Sony DualSense Edge is that it bears multiple features we typically expect more out of PC peripherals. The savable profiles and significantly higher polling rates than standard Xbox controllers particularly matter for competitive players. Companies like Razer and Scuff have attempted to add premium features such as these things with custom PlayStation controller designs, but a product straight from Sony will be significant for wider market adoption.

Sony plans to share more details in the near future. At this time, we don’t know a release date, pricing, or if there will be style options for the DualSense Edge controllers.

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