Sony has set their earnings call this coming May 14, roughly a month away from now.

CEO Kaz Hirai does not seem to be attending. At least he won’t be there to present. Presenters are EVP and Chief Financial Officer, Representative Corporate Executive Officer Kenichiro Yoshida, SVP, Corporate Executive Hiroki Totoki and VP, Senior General Manager, Corporate Control Department Kazuhiko Takeda.

We expect Sony to report a small profit thanks to the sale of their old buildings. For further context, Sony originally forecast a $ 1.1 billion loss (after selling all those PS4s!), sold their PC business, and turned their TV business into a subsidiary. One should note the latter two moves means Sony will lose less money from unprofitable segments moving forward. However, they have to report a loss in the transition.

Frankly, we don’t think investors will be satisfied with this at all, but you didn’t need us to tell you that. It’s daunting to imagine Sony still trying to sell us on new tech, such as Project Morpheus, 4K, and in the near future, 1 TB Blu-Rays, and we imagine there may be even more cuts coming to the company very soon.

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