l4d2 source 2.0

Not pictured: the tank about to kill you.

NeoGaf’s beloved source of insider tips, “crazy buttocks on a train” (affectionately known as CBOAT) has dropped by with another interesting info-package. It’s an image marked “Valve confidential” that depicts the final part of the plantation level from Left4Dead2, apparently redone in Source 2.0.

Of course Valve has been incrementally updating its Source Engine over the past few years, but this is a rare look at the engine that may well be used for the next title they put out. Given the nature of the image, and previous rumours, Left4Dead3 may be on the cards. Although that game would have a ‘3’ in the title, which is something Valve generally doesn’t react well too.

A further comparison shot between the original Left4Dead2 and the ‘remade’ shot follows.

Update: A drive-by posting over at Valvetime claims this powerpoint presentation and its images are from 2011. The same person provided another image from a different angle, so they presumably know their stuff.

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