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Expeditions: Conquistador
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Spain drain: Expeditions Conquistador makes landfall today

Expeditions: Conquistador

You can expect a review of Expeditions: Conquistador early next week, as I’ve been working my way through its Central American jungles over the past few days. The turn-based strategy game is available today, offering exploration and RPG dialogues a-plenty in the New World of the 16th Century.

Select your party of adventurers, gather your rations and embark on a quest that could lead you to become a diplomat, warrior, saviour or tyrant. All depending upon your actions and choices. Expect hex-based combat in the Jagged Alliance tradition, an XCom-like attachement to your party members and (as I’ve found) a brutal ‘Iron Man’ mode.

Expeditions: Conquistador is available through GOG.com, Steam, Gamersgate, Green Man Gaming and more for $20.00 USD. See the launch trailer, below.

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