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Special TERA EU play test this weekend

After last weekend’s cancelled sneak peek play test of TERA, Forgstar has announced today that this wekend they will be opening up the servers for a special play test for anyone with a sneak peek key.
The servers will open today at 13:00 / 1 pm CET/GMT +1 and will remain open until Monday morning. If you created a character during this week’s stress tests then it will be wiped an new characters will need to be started. This weekend’s test is taking place make sure the servers are nice ans stable for next weekend’s closed Beta test.
Frogster point out that this weekend’s test may end earlier than announced and it’s wise to keep an eye on the official twitter channel for TERA Europe to stay updated.
Just to clarify, Everyone with a valid key (sneak peek, CBT, pre-order) is able to participate at this test.

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