Warren Spector attempted to require the rights to the Deus Ex franchise.Speaking to Variety (thanks, G4TV), Epic Mickey designer Warren Spector revealed that he wanted to do more with his previous baby, Deus Ex.Initially, Spector went to Disney in an attempt to find a publisher for two of Junction Point’s own projects, rather than because of Epic Mickey. According to Spector, the first “was a big, BIG fantasy game that I had been wanting to do for about 15 years.”“My wife and I created a world and a whole story arc for DC Comics,” said Spector. “They decided not to pick it up. I loved this world and the characters we had created.”The other project, though, was apparently a near-future sci-fi game; a sort of spiritual successor to Deus Ex.”There were and still are Deus Ex stories I would like to tell,” pondered Spector. “That story is not done for me. [For the sci-fi game] I sort of filed the serial numbers off. Deus Ex was very much a game of the millennium.”Spector added to this that he unsuccessfully tried to reacquire the rights to Deus Ex from Eidos.There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, though – Spector assured Variety that neither of the two mentioned games are dead, and then Disney acquired the rights to both when it bought Junction Point in 2007.For now, though, Spector is at work on Epic Mickey, the Wii-exclusive Mickey Mouse game that looks like it could be something very, very special.

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