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The storm gathered in the Spellbreak Prologue. Then we dove into the Spellstorm for Chapter 1. Now, we’re moving towards the next Chapter of the story. A new Chapter also means updates, changes, and other exciting possibilities. As Spellbreak moves towards Chapter 2, Proletariat will be giving players previews of the coming changes, beginning with an update to Talents.

In a post on Reddit, the Spellbreak Design Director revealed there will be three days of previews for Talents. In the magical battle royale, Talents are a key part of your build and determine your approach to each match. Ideally, you should be able to use numerous Talent combinations to create a variety of playstyles. However, Spellbreak often had a few Talents that outshone the rest.


The goal with Talents in Chapter 2 is to shake things up and increase the number of viable builds. To achieve that, Proletariat has made some key changes to how the Talent system works. Plus, there will be some new Talents and changes to old ones.

In Spellbreak Chapter 2, Talents will cost between one and four points. The previous maximum cost was three points. You will now have seven points to distribute between your three Talent choices – Body, Spirit, and Mind. That’s one more point than before. And finally, there are now seven Talents per category, up from six.

Spellbreak Frost Vs Fire

If you’d like to check out all the changes to the Talents, you can find the info on the Reddit post. We’ll cover the new ones though – there are a lot of them. Some are straightforward, while others will make for some interesting builds. Today’s preview only covers Body and Spirit Talents.

Spellbreak Body Talent changes

In the Body category, the first new Talent is Tough. It gives you a +10/12/15/25 increase to your maximum armor. I foresee even tougher Stoneshapers in the future.

Wellspring is an interesting new Talent that gives you a constant +25% increase to your mana regeneration. Plus, for six seconds after hitting zero mana, you will deal +10/12/15/20% increased Spell Damage. The effect only applies to Spells you cast after you hit zero mana.

The new Fellowship Talent will cause any healing you do to also heal nearby teammates for 15/50/75/100%. The healing can be from any source, but does not include things that set your health to a new amount, like the Chronomancer Rune. The range is relatively short.

The final new Body Talent is Athletic. When you read a Body Scroll, you will gain one Character level. This will allow you to power ahead of other players in the match and access your more potent skills earlier. It’s a great choice if you like to get ahead early, but it’s going to be worthless in the final circles.

Spellbreak The Gathering Storm

Spellbreak Spirit Talent changes

The first new Spirit Talent is very straightforward. It’s called Mystical and provides a straight increase of +10/12/15/25 to your maximum mana. You shouldn’t use this with the Wellspring Body Talent. Although it sounds nice to have more mana and mana regen, you need to keep in mind that you actually want to deplete your mana to take full advantage of Wellspring.

Vampiric is an interesting new option. It causes you to heal for 20/25/30/40% of the damage you deal to enemies’ health. Just understand that it won’t heal you if you only deal damage to an enemy’s armor. This Talent is a really good choice for players who like to battle constantly as it reduces your need to stop and heal.

Inspired will increase your damage by +10/12/15/20% while you have a Rune charge. It’s an excellent option to pair with Runic Fluency, which allows you to hold an additional Rune charge. It’s also a solid choice for Conduits, because your level 2 upgrade causes you to gain an extra Rune charge when you cast Lightning Strike.

Spellbreak Combat

Gilded is the last new Spirit Talent, and it will cause all of your equipped items to be upgraded by one rarity when you read a Spirit Scroll. So, your Gauntlets and Gear. This sounds incredibly powerful, but remember, most players will have top tier equipment by the end of a match anyway.

You can already see how these new Talents provide plenty of new build options. And we still have an entire category of Mind Talents to see tomorrow.

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