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Spellbreak lets you choose three Talents to use in every match – one for Mind, Body, and Spirit. At first, you will only have three Talents to choose from, one for each. However, you can unlock four more for each category, giving you a choice of 15 Talents. That’s a lot of options, but Spellbreak has some balancing to do because the best Talents put the others to shame.

You unlock additional Talents in Spellbreak by leveling the different classes. This system works well, because it forces you to try all the classes and Gauntlets, while also experimenting with the new Talents you unlock.

You have six Talent Points to distribute between your Mind, Body, and Spirit. Talents cost either one, two, or three points, which forces you to be more considerate in your choices. However, the three cost Talents aren’t necessarily the best. In most cases, they aren’t.

Mind Talents

The best Mind Talents

I believe the single best Talent in Spellbreak is Runic Fluency. It gives you an additional Rune charge and decreases the cooldown of your Runes. Considering how impactful Runes are in-game, this Talent gives you a huge power boost. So, that makes your choice of Mind Talent easy.

If you’re playing a Stoneshaper or Toxicologist and will be fighting in close quarters, you could consider running the Harmony Talent for reduced damage and immunity to Slow, Freeze, and Shock. But I think you’ll get more out of Runic Fluency.

Body Talents

The best Body Talents

As for the best Body Talent in Spellbreak, Scavenging is the clear winner for me. When you exile (Spellbreak’s name for a kill) an enemy, it restores 25/30/35/50 health and armor. In the later periods of the game, you often struggle to find potions and shards. Therefore, scavenging goes a long way in keeping you healthy for fights and the final circles.

Don’t be fooled by the Fortitude Talent. It creates a barrier that absorbs one source of damage and then goes onto cooldown for 60/50/45/30 seconds. That sounds powerful, but if players see the blue shield around your character, they can hit you with a cheap, low damage attack before using their powerful abilities on you.

If you’re playing Frostborn, you could consider using the Fervor talent to cast your Ice Lance faster. You will likely be battling from range, so you’ll take less damage. However, players aren’t going to let you sit back and shoot them. I’d still run Scavenging.

Spirit Talents

The best Spirit Talents

Spirit is where things get interesting. You have a few viable options here. As with Fortitude in the Body Talents section, don’t be fooled by Vital Stone. It will bring you back to life, but your return will be brief. Players will simply run you down and rain spells on you the second you resurrect.

I think the best Talent to choose in Spirit is Thirsty. It lets you consume potions and shards considerably faster and it will pass 50% of the benefit on to your teammates within 15 meters. In a coordinated team, this is incredibly powerful. Plus, the less time you spend healing, the more time you can spend attack enemies.

Recklessness and Recovery are the two alternatives you can consider when selecting your Spirit Talent. Recovery will help with the lack of potions and shards available towards the end of a match. It will also keep you fighting for longer before going down.


Recklessness is an aptly named Talent because it’s high risk. However, on the Stoneshaper, the risk might be worth the reward. You will be fighting up close and personal with your enemies, which means you’ll be taking a lot of damage. However, if the Stoneshaper has less than 20 in its shield, it regenerates a portion of it every time it casts Shockwave. So, losing your shield in a fight isn’t the end of the world. With Recklessness, you’ll deal up to 25% more damage and spend 25% less mana. Plus, you’ll be constantly getting little bits of your shield back. Combine this with the Harmony Talent and you’ll be a tough target to take down.

Knowing the best Talents to choose is just one important aspect of winning Spellbreak matches. You also need to know the best Runes to choose and which classes are the most powerful. Knowing these three things will get you off to a good start in every Spellbreak match.

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