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At PAX Online, Proletariat teased some new content and updates coming to Spellbreak in the months ahead. The developer video released during PAX simply stated that the content was ”coming soon.” Proletariat has now given a more definitive timeline for its future content with a roadmap. However, the developer was quick to mention that the Spellbreak roadmap could easily change, as development is still early in.

The first thing the roadmap revealed was that the two Runes removed between Closed Beta 2 and launch will return to the game within the next month. The two Runes are Shadow Step, which allows you to dash a short distance and briefly turn invisible, and Chronomaster, which will move you back in time a few seconds after you activate it. Shadow Step works identically to the Toxicologists invisibility from entering Toxic Cloud. Chronomaster will return you to the location you activated the Rune from and set your health and armor back to what it was.

The patch that will return the Runes to Spellbreak will focus heavily on fixing bugs, as well as some quality of life updates, and tweak the controversial aim assist.

Spellbreak Roadmap

Here’s the story

The first update on the Spellbreak roadmap will tidy up some lingering issues from launch. After that, the updates will get into the Chapter system that will expand the game, introduce new mechanics, and tell the story of the Vowbreakers. That’s you.

Proletariat will begin with a “Prologue,” which will set the scene for the Chapter system and begin the story. In the Prologue, you will be reunited with Avira Emberdane, the character who helps you through the tutorial. Emberdane will hone your skills as a battlemage, and in return, you’ll get some fancy new cosmetics.

The Prologue will also see the introduction of the 9v9 team deathmatch mode, Clash. There will be a Halloween event, unofficially titled Holloween. No doubt there will be some spooky cosmetics in the store, possibly the ones teased in the developer video. Hopefully, the map will get some decorations too.

The things I’m most excited about in the Prologue are the three new 3-point Talents being introduced. These will allow players to create new builds, which means more playstyles. Finally, there will also be some new consumables coming with the Prologue.

Proletariat didn’t reveal much about “Chapter 1” in the Spellbreak roadmap. However, it did say this is when you will be introduced to the Order of the Vowbreakers. It’s also when you will receive your first Spellbreak quest, which pertains to the Spellstorm and trying to put a stop to it.

Long-term goals

Proletariat has a load of ideas in the works, but they are in the very early stages of development. These ideas are things the community has asked for and the developer has deemed a priority. They’re filed under long-term plans though, and won’t be added to the game for at least three months.


Players will be very excited to hear that new classes, Gauntlets, elements, and Runes are all being investigated. Artwork is being done, concepts are being created, and prototypes are being tested. Limited-time modes and guilds are two other features Spellbreak wants to bring to the game. As for a ranked or competitive mode, Proletariat has asked the community what they want from this. So, if you have opinions on ranked, make sure you’re vocal about it.

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