Ahead of SpellForce 3’s release next month, THQ Nordic are running a free beta preview weekend for the game. It’s primarily focused on multiplayer, but you do have the option for a single player skirmish match against the AI. A prelude story mission is included as well.

The beta is running right now (as of about half an hour ago), and will be up until 10am Pacific US Time on 20 November. To download it, just head to the SpellForce 3 beta page on Steam and look for the big free download button.

All three factions will be playable over this weekend (Human, Elf, Orc). It also looks like all multiplayer connotations are available too. 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 are all listed. So too is the chance to play in co-op. The lone story mission (which takes place before the main events of SpellForce 3 can be played in co-op too).

You’re also getting four maps to choose from: Old Battlegrounds, The Mystic Valley, Hybernian Ruins, and Leonidar Heathlands. Grimlore Games would like people to keep in mind that the beta “doesn’t contain the final experience especially with regards to balancing and potential issues.” It must be relatively close, mind you, since the game comes out very soon.

Here’s a trailer looking at the human faction.

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