April 27th, 2017

Spellforce Series 75% Off On Steam

This week’s Steam Weekend Deal sees the entire Spellforce series down 75% in price.The deal drops the price of Spellforce – Platinum Edition, Spellforce 2: Gold Edition, Spellforce 2 – Shadow Wars, and Spellforce 2 – Dragon Storm.Spellforce – Platinum Edition contains both the original game and both expansions for £3.37 GBP, and the Spellforce 2 Gold Edition contains both Spellforce 2 and its expansions for £6.25 GBP.The Spellforce 2 expansions, Shadow Wars and Dragon Storm, are also available seperately for £3.49 GBP each.Spellforce is a hero-focused RTS that combines elements of both the RTS genre and the Diablo series to create a rather unique experience. If you need something to keep you occupied this weekend, there are certainly worse things to pick up.

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