spelunky 2 update screenshots from derek yu developer

If you’re wondering where Spelunky 2 is, you’re not alone. The game was originally supposed to release in 2019 but missed that window. Now, Mossmouth studio head Derek Yu has posted an update and a few brand new screenshots on the Playstation.Blog. Yu offers some insight into the team’s efforts, specifying that they’re adding a lot of new detail and enhancing already existing ones, such as lighting and liquids.

Yu then goes on to explain that he wants to make the runs in Spelunky 2 feel more personalized by adding significantly more variety this time around. The team hopes to achieve this via new items with plenty of degrees of interaction with the game world. There is also going to be a “vibrant community” of new NPCs in the game that can assist or harm the player. He even teases that some characters from the first game will be among them.

spelunky 2 update screenshots from derek yu developer

He also reveals that the first Spelunky‘s sound person, Eirik Suhrke, will be returning but aiming to make the sound much more immersive than its predecessor’s sound ever was. He’s going to be giving each area its own unique theme, plus tons of individual sound effects for all of the game’s creatures, traps, items, and surfaces.

Deathmatch is going to be returning from the first game as well, but this time they’re going to be expanding it. What exactly that entails remains to be seen, however. Yu closes out the blog post by specifying that they aren’t ready to announce a release date as of yet, but the team is continually making progress, so it shouldn’t be too much longer now.

spelunky 2 update screenshots from derek yu developer

As Spelunky 2 already has an undoubtedly large number of fans patiently waiting to hear more about the sequel to one of their all-time favorites, I’m sure all of this juicy new info is doing a bang-up job of whetting appetites for more.

spelunky 2 update screenshots from derek yu developer

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