Spend The Weekend With Corona Relief Done Quick & Help Covid 19 Relief (1)

Unless you have been meditating in the desert, chances are you are well aware of the COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world. It has caused the cancellation of events, with Gamescom 2020 being the latest victim, affected lives and businesses, and is generally a world-changing event. However, the forces of good will always find a way to deal with adversity. The awesome folks of the speedrunning community, Games Done Quick, have done just that. Corona Relief Done Quick is underway, with a weekend of speedrunning helping with medical charity, Direct Relief.

Swift charity

Although Summer Games Done Quick was delayed, the new event will now take place between April 17 to April 19. The show kicked off with a 101% Donkey Kong Country run. Other notable runs were also penciled in. GDQ this weekend also includes a Halo 1 run on Legendary, an all bosses Dark Souls marathon, and an any% run of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

Corona Relief Done Quick is now live on Twitch, and donations can be made via the official site.

All donations made for Corona Relief Done Quick will be given to Direct Relief. The organisation works with healthcare providers around the world to help distribute resources and help where needed. With the COVID-19 situation affecting the whole world, this is needed more than ever.

A weekend of fun and good

The full schedule can be found here. Interested gamers can look for a Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse run, marvel at an any% speedrun of Ninja Gaiden on the NES, or bow down to the 106% run of Super Meat Boy on the PC. The challenging Cuphead will also make an appearance, and any time spent with Super Metroid is going to be a blast. The inclusion of Ori and the Will of the Wisps will also appeal to gamers looking for something newer.

Spend The Weekend With Corona Relief Done Quick & Help Covid 19 Relief (2)

Let’s all do our part for charity, and enjoy our time while doing so with Corona Relief Done Quick.

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