Spiders Games announces The Technomancer

Spiders Games has announced cyberpunk-y post-apocalyptic RPG The Technomancer, slated for a 2016 launch.

The Technomancer puts you on Mars during “the War for Water.” As an aspiring Technomancer you’ll be dealing with your past secrets in an attempt to secure your future as you explore tribal communities, lost cities buried in ice, and dystopian shantytowns spread across the red planet, all while fleeing from the secret police.

I don’t have much in the way of details but you can expect companion characters, a crafting system, four skill trees, three different fighting styles, quests with multiple possible endings, and “dynamic conversation dialogue” that’ll put as much emphasis on talking your way through situations as it will on forcing your way through them.

The Technomancer is due to hit PC in 2016, and will be published by Focus Home Interactive. You can see a gigantic piece of art and a couple of early screenshots below.

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