Admitting that prior communications about the game have been “weak,” Oovee spells out some future plans for Spintires. The off-road, Soviet vehicle sandbox proved to be quite a hit on Steam when it launched last year, and now has some pretty clear indications on where it’s going in the next few months.

Oovee say that their transatlantic work process has been made rather more efficient, and communication issues with “programming god” Pavel have been sorted out.

Spintires will be getting an experimental/development branch on Steam, which players will be able to opt in to if they want to get an early look at (and provide some critique about) upcoming features. The post doesn’t say precisely when this will be available, but suggests it will be “soon.”

In the slightly longer term, Oovee intend to release ‘stable’ builds once every month or so. The next release should fix “G27 steering wheel support & Mp saves relating to the Steam timeout issue.” After that, mod support is planned for April and a cockpit camera view is in line to be added in May.

Referring to some “controversy” with their DLC plans (I’m not sure what this was, sorry,) Oovee say another Spintires DLC release is planned for the summer. There’s an emphasis on the word “spring” in the following sentence, which looks like a clue of some kind … suspension stuff, maybe?

Finally, the company confirms that very early planning has started for a follow-up sequel to Spintires with a larger team and budget. In the meantime though, the original game will be supported in the ways outlined above.

Peter Parrish

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