New Spintires Dlc Drops Alongside Massive 1.6 Update (2)

Are you tired of rolling through the cold in SnowRunners? Perhaps you are longing for a return to the dirt and grime of Spintires? Developer Oovee Games has you covered then, as the team has now released a brand new update. A six-year-old game getting brand new DLC? Amazing. In fact, Oovee Games has been providing updates for Spintires throughout the past year, with the new and massive 1.6 update bringing plenty of changes to the experience in addition to the latest Spintires DLC.

The new Spintires DLC sees the addition of a huge map covering the Ural mountains, and a focus on the Sherp N 4X4 ATV and the ARK 10×10 ATV. These are state-of-the-art wilderness traversal vehicles, and you will be able to experience their ins and outs in Spintires

As shared by the team, “climb aboard the SHERP N 4X4 ATV with its huge low-pressure tires and its flat-bottomed design allowing you to climb over obstacles of all shapes and sizes, use this vehicle to scout for cloaks located around the map before bringing in the monstrous SHERP the ARK 10×10 ATV, the big boy of the pack.”

Conquer land and sea

The new Spintires DLC will take advantage of the 1.6 update in many ways. Water interactions, alongside mud physics and simulation, have been overhauled. This allows the Sherp ATV and all the other vehicles to function as realistically as possible. Buoyancy, water pressure, and even skin friction play more important roles than before.

The updated mud physics will enable wheels to perform with even more realism, and performances of vehicles with larger wheels will improve. The implementation of the mud simulation will also change as Oovee Games receive feedback from players. There are many more improvements alongside several fixes, which can be read here.

New Spintires Dlc Drops Alongside Massive 1.6 Update (3)

If you are getting back into the grooves of things, do check out the latest paid DLC for Spintires. Chernobyl awaits.

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