Life And Death On A Boat Gets More Exciting With Spiritfarer Free Updates (2)

When it comes to simulator games, there are definitely plenty of choices out there for all manner of things. If you want to enjoy life on the farm, try not to starve, or just drive big trucks around the country, you can do all that. However, if you want experience life and death on a boat, you cannot go wrong with Spiritfarer. Thunder Lotus Games’ take on living and the afterlife on a boat came out to much fanfare in August last year. Now, there will be three new free updates for Spiritfarer.

Fans of the game should be excited about what’s coming next. The three free updates are substantial, each bringing a bunch of content that will extend play even more.


The Lily update will arrive in spring. As the name points to, a new spirit named Lily will be added to the game. She is the main character Stella’s sister. This will help flesh out more of Stella’s story. Co-op play will also be improved, while some other quality of life improvements will be made.

The next free update for Spiritfarer will arrive in summer. The Beverly update will add another spirit acquainted with Stella. More rooms can be built on the boat, while more collectibles and recipes will be added. As per the first update, there will be additional quality of life improvements.

Life And Death On A Boat Gets More Exciting With Spiritfarer Free Updates (1)

More life in the game yet

Lastly, the Jackie and Darla free update will arrive in fall for Spiritfarer. This is likely to be the most substantial update. A new island, two new spirits, and even more boat buildings and resources will be made available to players. Predictably, the developers are keeping the details shrouded in secrecy for now.

Whether you are new to the game or have enjoyed its unique take on life, these free updates will surely breathe new life into Spiritfarer. You can find out more about the various plans in motion for the game over at Thunder Lotus Games’ website.

Life And Death On A Boat Gets More Exciting With Spiritfarer Free Updates (3)

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