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While overwhelming at first, the bathhouse management aspect of Spirittea is very important for making money and upgrades. Here are some tips for bathhouse optimization in Spirittea.

Tips for optimizing the bathhouse early on in Spirittea

Before you open the bathhouse, there’s a lot you can do to ensure the opening is smooth. First of all, ensure you have an ideal amount of towels by purchasing more from the general store in town as needed. There is no shame in having them piled up on the mat. Do a sweep of the bathhouse to ensure there aren’t any laying out from dismissed spirits and get any clean ones on the mat.

Each time you’re at the bathhouse, saw off all the logs it allows you from the tree root before you open and set them all up beside the furnace. This saves time in quickly running in to put a log in the fire. If you want to squeeze every second out of each log, you’ll have to pay close attention to the status visuals in both rooms.

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Tips to keep track of everything

The main room’s boiler status is indicated by the sound of steam coming out of the pig’s nose on top. You can also see the heating status by heat lines coming out of the towel drying rack. Get into the habit of checking either or frequently. The moment the correct visuals stop, you’ll need to run back in and throw the next log on the fire.

As far as the towels go, staying on top of them is your main loop early on. When you collect them, deposit as many at once into the sink, but only wash them in groups of four. This is the maximum number allowed on the drying rack, so the game will force you to set the rest back down and break the smoothness of the process.

For the spirits themselves, pay active attention. See where their mood lies as you seat them with other spirits to gauge what season each is and take notes for personal reference as a quick guide. This will allow you to quickly build out an ideal arrangement of incoming spirits in the baths as they come, and know when and what to dismiss.

Last but not least, do not forget to interact with the money jar after you close the bathhouse. Use food packed away in your backpack to ensure your current round of spirits empties out before your stamina drops too rapidly in the early hours of the morning. You’ll always make more money if they’re allowed to finish the bath.

This concludes early tips for bathhouse optimization in Spirittea. Make that money fast, and upgrade everything!

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