Splinter Cell: Conviction is all set to have in-game advertising.This won’t come as a huge surprise to anyone who remembers the Airwaves ads in Chaos Theory, and sure enough, you can expect hefty advertising in Conviction.The advertising is going to run all the way through from the sounds of it – including while you’re partaking in the game’s torture/interrogation sequences, according to Joystiq.The news comes from Microsoft Advertising’s Gaming Upfront presentation, and advertisers are simply going to love their opportunities with Splinter Cell: Conviction. Forget the fact that it’s going to sell bucketloads – we’re talking heat maps now.Heat maps, apparently, are maps created while the game is being developed to show the locations players are most likely to visit while playing. From the sounds of it, advertisers are likely to have access to these, allowing them to place their ads in the places players are most likely to go.Don’t be surprised if Sam is chewing on Airwaves while smashing a terrorist over the head with a Budweiser bottle. Perhaps there’ll be a Coke machine in the corner, and maybe a billboard for Xbox LIVE outside -which, obviously, is where you’re heading next.Conviction isn’t going to be the last Splinter Cell game, we’re told, but there’s a chance that it’ll be the last for Sam Fisher. Stay tuned.

    Paul Younger
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