Splinter Cell Conviction Multiplayer Modes Detailed

More details on the Splinter Cell Conviction’s multiplayer game modes have been revealed, with Deniable Ops being the latest mode to be added to the multiplayer party.This game mode will not be based on the story, and isn’t part of that extra five to six hours of backstory gameplay we reported on last year. Instead Deniable Ops will concentrate on the stealth element of the game, and will give you the choice of four different modes to choose from.According to Gamespot, the four modes are Hunter; take down the enemy as quickly and as efficiently as possible, Infiltration; which requires the highest level of stealth, Face Off; a game mode that pits players against each other and populates enemy AI, and finally there’s Last Stand; the “protect” mode.So this is Deniable Ops. I can’t wait. 

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