New information on Splinter Cell: Conviction has revealed that it isn’t doesn’t seem to be a simple revenge story.The “hack” on the Splinter Cell website is now prompting a password which, when entered, provides access to a whole wealth of information that we’ll be dishing it out to you.The “hack” appears to grant access to the Voron, or Raven, information network. While there’s still little information about this group, we can speculate that they might be a Russian equivalent to Third Echelon – but we’ll save the speculation for later.In the “Notifications” section is plenty of text showing potential plot details for Conviction. The text makes mention of Third Echelon making contact with the GRU – a Russian foreign intelligence agency – with regards to “the sale of military equipment from the pilot bases in Dagestan, the Nenets and 16 other locations worldwide.” It also indicates that this might be blackmail of a sort, as the information is described as “inaccurate, contains a lot of untested materials, but these rumours affect some senior officers, as well as civilians.”Below that, however, is something more momentous. “According to the latest data, at the moment [Third Echelon are] monitor[ing] the delivery of a prototype weapon that could disrupt stability in the region, and want us to help them, because it [is] ‘our common cause.'” All translated from Russian, obviously, hence the slightly awkward text.The text is signed “BK” which could well mean “VC” when changed from Cyrillic. Hmm.We’ll have a lot more for you as the day goes on.

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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