Splinter Cell: New Weapon Revealed

The “hacked” Splinter Cell website has revealed the existence of a new SC rifle.Sam Fisher’s old rifle, the SC-20k, isn’t mentioned on the site – but the SC-3000 is. Whether this is a newer or an older version of the rifle is difficult to say, but we can tell you what the Russians think of it.Roughly translated, text accompanying the picture of the rifle reads: “Main Splinter Cell assault rifle – accurate and high killing power combined with miminal recoil.”The weapon is also rated. In terms of capacity (or, er, power – it’s a little hard to tell) it scores 3/8, with a 4/8 in range, and a whopping 8/8 in precision.Accurate and deadly, indeed. Stay tuned for a round-up of this and the rest of the stuff on the Splinter Cell site later today, along with a little speculation on what it might all mean.