Splinter Cell: Potential New Character Revealed

The Splinter Cell website “hack” has shown off a potential new character.Listed as a Splinter Cell agent, Daniel Robert Sloane Cuares apparently joined the NSA as an intelligence analyst, where he “revealed dozens of terrorist plots” and identified the leaders of the Grass Liberation Front.However, Daniel apparently wasn’t a big fan of the bureaucracy, and when he began to “openly complain about the bureaucratic framework” he was transferred “to a brutal training program for Third Echleon.”18 months later, the site reveals, he was assigned the callsign “Archer.”Could Archer be an antagonist throughout Conviction, considering his Third Echelon affiliation? Or could he, with his disdain for the bureaucracy, be an eventual ally, considering the talk of Fisher’s allies and the possibility of the next game focusing on someone other than Fisher? At this stage it’s hard to say, but you can check out a picture of him to the right.Stay tuned for more information on Splinter Cell: Conviction later today, and be sure to have a look at our reveal on some potential plot details from earlier today.