The Splinter Cell remake is getting its story updated to serve ‘a modern-day audience’

Splinter Cell remake ubisoft story updated

Ubisoft still has yet to fully reveal the upcoming Splinter Cell remake, however, we now know that its story is getting a rework. Announced last year in December, the remake is the first good news fans of the franchise have heard in many a year. The Splinter Cell remake will be “rebuilt from the ground up,” and, as discovered by PSU, that includes some or all of the game’s story.

In a Ubisoft recruitment page, the publisher and developer is looking for a scriptwriter to pen a different tale for Sam Fisher. The job description asks for someone who can update “the story for a modern-day audience.” Ubisoft also wants to “keep the spirit and themes of the original game,” but desires the world and characters to be more “authentic and believable.”


Now, it’s been a minute since I played Splinter Cell back in the day. I can’t fully recall the reason for all my clandestine sneaking about. However, in 2002’s Splinter Cell, the story sees you playing as Sam Fisher who works for the fictional Third Echelon at the NSA. On paper, the Third Echelon doesn’t exist. If Sam is caught, the government would deny his or Third Echelon’s existence. In the original game, Sam is tasked with investigating the disappearance of two CIA operators. The path leads him on a globetrotting adventure from the Caspian sea to the country of Georgia.

Taking on a new-ish mission

The story of the Splinter Cell remake will likely run along similar plot threads, with some small to significant changes. Right now, we simply do not know what those changes will look like. Sam may not even be a part of the NSA in the remake. He had left it behind during the course of the franchise.

Either way, we’ll still have to wait to know for sure where Ubisoft is going with the game. But no matter what direction the developer takes, it will be great to step back into Sam’s sneaky combat boots once more. If only we could have gotten that Splinter Cell VR game.

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