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Splitgate developer raises $100 million in funding to pursue its ambitions

Halo meets Portal meets millions of dollars.
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Ian Proulx, the CEO of 1047 Games, took to Twitter earlier today to reveal that the Splitgate developer has managed to raise $100 million in funding for the continued development of the arena shooter. The announcement comes off the back of a lot of speculation that the company might be sold to one of the big studios. Proulx seemed very pleased to relay to fans that the funding ensures that 1047 Games remains an independent, community first game studio.

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The funds were raised in a funding round, but there are no details as to who the investors are. In his Twitter statement, Poulx goes on to promise that the investment is good for the team and the community.


What to do with $100 million?

It looks like the first thing 1047 Games will be doing with its influx of cash is hire more developers. Proulx believes this will allow the studio to release better quality updates more often. And, of course, squash all those pesky bugs faster. It also gives the developer room to explore new features and suggestions offered by the community. It sounds like the developer already has a lot planned.

The additional funding will also allow Splitgate to support more players and come to more platforms. Splitgate is currently in open beta and supports cross-play between PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. So, I suppose “additional platforms” refers to the Nintendo Switch and mobile.

Poulx has set the bar for 1047 Games very high. He believes the potential for Splitgate just increased tenfold. Poulx has set his sights on becoming the next AAA studio. But as the studio continues to grow, it will ensure that it continues to prioritize the community.

If you weren’t excited about Splitgate leaving beta and launching into 1.0, you might want to reconsider your emotional state. The full release date hasn’t been revealed yet, however, there is plenty in Season 0 to keep you highly entertained.

You can download Splitgate for free for PC through Steam. If you’ve never seen Splitgate before, it’s described as “Halo meets Portal.” Here’s the trailer from the launch of Season 0 to give you a taste of the gameplay.

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