There’s a new arena shooter in town called Splitgate, though I wouldn’t blame you if you haven’t had the chance to play it. That’s because up until now, the queue times for Spiltgate have been quite unbearable, with wait times going as long as 90 minutes. However, players wanting to try out the newest free-to-play FPS game should be pleased to hear that there are now “huge capacity and stability improvements.”

On Steam, Splitgate consistently gets upwards of 10,000 players at a time (with a peak of over 60,000 players), according to Steam Charts. It’s not necessarily surprising, as Splitgate is developer 1047 games’ first effort. The important thing is the game should now be playable…hopefully.


The newest sci-fi shooter

So what is Splitgate? You’ve probably heard the constant comparisons to “Portal x Halo,” as a major part of the gameplay deals with traveling through portals. And those comparisons are apt, as you’ll traverse through these portals across several different maps and game modes. The game even has cross-play, so you can play with your friends on PlayStation and Xbox systems.

The next step is playing the game itself, and the developers have created some tools to help track the queue times. A “Splitgate status” Twitter account was created solely to track the server status with the occasional queue time estimate here and there. Additionally, their Discord will have official queue time details for players to check out as well. The developers expect the queue times to stay below half an hour going forward, and hopefully, those numbers can improve even further before the game’s official release.

The developers explained a few days ago through Twitter why the queue times are so long. In short, the game’s growth was faster than expected and faster than the rate where they can increase server capacity. You can read the official tweet here. Meanwhile, if you want to jump into the game, you can download the beta for Splitgate here, with improved queue times!

Splitgate Servers Delayed August 2

With queue times improved, it’s a good time to try the game out.

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