Halloween is the best time of year for a few of my favorite things. There’s enough candy to rot your chompers, and of course, jump scares to be had in spooky games. Apparition looks to capitalize on the Slender: The Eight Pages feel, and it plans to launch on October 31.

Creepin’ on the creeps

So, what exactly is Apparition? The developer describes the game as a “chilling experience inspired by every spooky story and boogeyman we’ve grown up with.” In the game, you can wield things like a Ouija board, audio recorder, and other tools of a paranormal investigator. It isn’t clear how exactly points are earned, but they can be used to climb the leaderboards in the game. Later, you’ll exchange these points for improved investigative equipment. You can even deploy such things as motion detectors to aid in your discovery of the unknown.

Apparition 03

Scanning, scanning. NO THANKS!

What was that?!

In order to make the tiny hairs on the back of your neck stand, the game will feature no background music. You are instead tasked with listening to various sounds and distance footsteps in order to aid in your investigation. Even things like “ghostly howls” can alert you for something lurking off in the distance. And, much like other suspense games, you will be able to only evade or trap these ghosts. There are also promises of “demons that cannot be killed.” Uh, check please!

Its ability to frighten reminds me of why the internet age has provided us with a renaissance for horror fans and proves why games are an amazing medium for horror. — Darek Skrzypkowski, CEO, Fat Dog Games.

Fat Dog Games has a history of titles under its belt. Although these games vary from action-RPG to survival titles, it does seem that Apparition may be the studio’s most ambitious title to date.

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