Sports Champions 2: 3D Review

Publisher: Zindagi Games
Developer: SCEA
Release Date: October 30, 2012 (NA)
System: PS3



The original Sports Champions will always be a highlight when all is said and done. The visuals were grown up, the precision was there and there were a decent variety of sports with an ample challenge. Sports Champions 2 is a refined and simplified experience but perhaps a step back when it comes to sports to choose from. An emphasis on 3D will be emphasized throughout as I don’t see too many reviews that do so. This review can also be experienced in 3D by running back and forth to and from your monitor.

Wii Played These Sports Already

New to Sports Champions 2 we have Boxing, Skiing, Tennis, Golf, Bowling and returning from the original is Archery. While it’s great to have these games in HD, the selection gives you a sense of been there done that. If somehow you never played the Wii offerings then you’re totally in luck, otherwise this can be likened to an old car with a new paint job.

Don’t get me wrong though! If given the option I’d always go with the SC2 versions but the title really feels like an HD remaster of Wii Sports with 3D and customization.boxing


Two move controllers are essential here, I won’t even bother trying the alternative. Boxing works great, a good workout and great presentation. The 3D here makes the whole overall package seem like a standalone title in itself.boxing 2


Kinda cool but wonky control issues and a “why am I doing this” factor take away from the experience. 3D adds to the package but the technical quirks still take


How sweet would it be to have an updated Ping-Pong from the last game? While fairly good, tennis suffers when sight of the move controller is lost. 3D puts you right on the court though and it’s enough to make you want to learn how to workaround the issues.Golf


The best implementation of move controlled golf to date (sorry Hot Shots and Tiger Woods). This is based on the fact that it works and there is no need for a nav or dualshock. Perhaps my 3D display is too small but it can be hard to see the ball at times.bowling


In the hands of a child who has mastered the Wii, they will seem like a prodigy. Up the difficulty however and they’ll be crying to mommy. Gutter balls were an issue before the patch but that appears to be solved. Bowling is cool in 3D as you stare down the lane but like in Golf, the pins seem small.Archery


I would have preferred the return of Bocce or something entirely new but Archery is done well. Not as realistic with one controller but a lot easier. 3D Archery is really cool but if you had your fill in the last title it might not be enough to interest you.


The character design doesn’t stray too far from the original SC but what you’ll notice is that some of the females have very manly facial features. This issue aside, the customization options provide a fair amount of variety to create reasonable digital representations of yourself and your friends. One limitation to keep in mind though is you can only have six saved characters at any one time.

Presentation wise you’ll be very familiar if you’ve played the original. Point and click gets you where you want to go, while the trigger takes you back a step. The addition of 3D lends a depth of field that seems to bring things that much closer to life.custom2

Modes of Play

Party Mode is new to SC2. It allows for a group of players to customize a playlist of games in sort of a living room like Olympics. Free Play still allows for any number of players (depending on the sport) to play an individual event. Finally, Cup Play is the campaign equivalent of any FPS. It is here where you earn unlocks for customization and so forth.

Also new to the multiplayer portion is the ability to record taunts or whatever have you and deface your opponent’s pictures. Still absent though is online play but there are online leaderboards to see how you stack up worldwide.


The best thing about SC2 is that it leaves the door wide open for new sports in SC3. Equally impressive is the removal of calibrations which would be a great patch to add to the original game.

Though this package is only new to the PS3, it is great that it makes the Wii versions obsolete (at least in my opinion). This is as sophisticated and even more so over the original title, a combination of HD visuals and precise motion control. At $29.99 along with a free download of Medieval Moves: Deadmund’s Quest make this a bargain currently on PSN.

What Sports do you think Zindagi should add to Sports Champions 3?


+ Simplified calibration
+ Character customization
+ 3D support
+ Infinite replay value


– Sports we’ve played before
– Technical issues before and after being patched


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