Spotify and Discord join forces to share your tunes simultaneously with friends

Spotify and Discord join forces to share your tunes simultaneously with friends

Users of the popular gaming chat app Discord will be able to share their music with their friends from today thanks to a deal struck with Spotify.

Discord users are now able to connect their Spotify account by going to ‘Settings’ inside the chat app and then ‘Connections’ and connect a Spotify account. To listen as a team, you need to be a Spotify Premium user. Users can also share and highlight tunes with friends and a tag will be displayed to show what’s being listened to. Spotify also has a few gaming soundtracks available to set the mood.

“This is the next natural step to highlight the importance of music as an integral part of the gaming experience”, said Mikael Ericsson, Product Director, Platform & Partner Experience at Spotify. “Starting today, we’re really excited to offer Spotify Premium and Discord users the ability to listen together as a group or highlight what they’re jamming out to while enjoying their favourite games.”

Don’t forget you can join PC Invasion’s Discord channel now although any techno or dance music is not welcome 😉

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    • waswat

      Sounds like the perfect opportunity for someone to constantly loop the Age of Empires 1 menu music….

      • ziplock9000

        Naa Mass Effect 2 map music on a 10h loop

    • Elly Davis

      Wow, I did NOT see that one coming.

    • QT

      Doesnt really work if your friends dont have spotify premium to listen with you.
      Better off using a music bot..