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Spritfarer developer opens up in documentary by The Escapist

The Making Of Spiritfarer Escapist Documentary

Today, PC Invasion’s sister site The Escapist launched its latest documentary, The Making of Spiritfarer. The feature dives into the creation of one of last year’s standout games, with members of the development team talking about what made the experience so special. You can check out the documentary here or below.

Spiritfarer introduced a unique take on the management genre. You played as Stella, whose job was to ferry the recently deceased to the beyond. It was a sweet, melancholic story starring interesting characters with whom you created memorable relationships before bidding them farewell. During your long travels, you spent time building up your ferry, while taking moments to fish, cook, craft, and chat with your passengers.


“The documentary is made from his interviews with the team, where we reminisced on the stories that led to Spiritfarer‘s development, as well as the impact it had on our lives before and after launch,” writes Mederic Belair, writer for developer Thunder Lotus Games. “We’re so grateful for the opportunity and we’re looking forward to sharing it with you all!”

Check out The Making of Spiritfarer documentary below:

What will you leave behind?

That’s the question posed by Spiritfarer. In the teaser trailer for the documentary, the developing team mentioned having a fascination with the great beyond. Spiritfarer charges you with helping your passengers move on. It’s a game that will certainly stir some emotions during its more than 30-hour play time.

The game has been successful since its launch in August last year. Thunder Lotus recently celebrated 500,000 sales of the game, and released its first free DLC: the Lily Update. It brings along Stella’s sister, a butterfly spirit by the name of Lily. The Lily Update is the first of three content packs planned for the game this year.

Check out The Making of Spiritfarer documentary above. Those interested in the game can find it on Steam, GOG, the Epic Games Store, and Xbox Game Pass.